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General Feats

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Ride-By Attack by Cipher
You are trained to strike a target from the back of your horse, and continue on out of the target’s reach.
Replies:  4     Views:   13662
2011-07-04 14:25:19
by Dethia
Quick Witted by Cipher
Your mind moves quickly, and you are always ready to react.
Replies:  1     Views:   6934
2011-06-28 06:27:16
by BearsAndWolves
Wealth by Cipher
Wealth is an indication of assets, holdings, and incomes to which you have access.
Replies:  1     Views:   7305
2011-06-28 06:14:17
by BearsAndWolves
Accuracy by Cipher
A keen eye and steady hand let you attack with uncanny accuracy.
Replies:  0     Views:   5698
2011-02-12 16:00:00
by Cipher
Accuracy (Improved) by Cipher
Your technique with melee or ranged weapons is near perfect, allowing amazing displays of accuracy and pinpoint targeting.
Replies:  0     Views:   5453
2011-02-12 15:58:54
by Cipher
Armour Proficiency (Heavy) by Cipher
You have trained in the use of heavy armour, learning how best to move and fight in heavy mail and plate.
Replies:  0     Views:   5222
2011-02-12 15:56:29
by Cipher
Armour Proficiency (Light) by Cipher
You have trained in the use of light armour, learning how best to move and fight in leather or cloth armours.
Replies:  0     Views:   4955
2011-02-12 15:55:26
by Cipher
Armour Proficiency (Medium) by Cipher
You have trained in the use of medium armour, learning how best to move and fight in mail.
Replies:  0     Views:   5033
2011-02-12 15:54:01
by Cipher
Authority by Cipher
Through birth, merit, or appointment, you have earned a position of prominence in your house, clan, or community. Your position brings with it both public recognition and political influence.
Replies:  0     Views:   5074
2011-02-12 15:53:07
by Cipher
Aware by Cipher
You recover quickly from surprise attacks.
Replies:  0     Views:   4954
2011-02-12 15:51:20
by Cipher
Blind Fighting by Cipher
You’ve learned how to use your ears and finely-honed senses to fight in melee without being able to see your foe.
Replies:  0     Views:   4892
2011-02-12 15:49:32
by Cipher
Bravado by Cipher
Your Charisma allows you to dominate opponents through sheer presence and force of will.
Replies:  0     Views:   6207
2011-02-12 15:04:30
by Cipher
Brawl by Cipher
You’re no stranger to a brawl. Strength, practice, and ferocity have made your bare knuckles into formidable weapons.
Replies:  0     Views:   4994
2011-02-12 15:03:38
by Cipher
Brawl (Improved) by Cipher
You are a dedicated brawler, and are a terror even without weapons.
Replies:  0     Views:   4763
2011-02-12 15:02:53
by Cipher
Brute by Cipher
Your Strength allows you to handle a heavy weapon with ease. You may lack finesse and technique, but you compensate with raw power.
Replies:  0     Views:   5237
2011-02-12 15:01:54
by Cipher
Canny by Cipher
Your Wisdom allows you to fight strategically.
Replies:  0     Views:   4651
2011-02-12 15:00:54
by Cipher
Cleave by Cipher
In combat, you can follow through successful hits with powerful blows.
Replies:  0     Views:   4709
2011-02-12 15:00:00
by Cipher
Cleave (Great) by Cipher
You can wield a melee weapon with such power that you can strike multiple times whenever you fell your foes.
Replies:  0     Views:   4534
2011-02-12 14:59:20
by Cipher
Combat Agility by Cipher
Your reflexes and awareness allow you to maintain an uncanny defence in combat, keeping your guard up even against several opponents.
Replies:  0     Views:   5373
2011-02-12 14:58:35
by Cipher
Combat Expertise by Cipher
You have trained in using your combat skills for defence as well as offence.
Replies:  0     Views:   4894
2011-02-12 14:53:17
by Cipher
Command by Cipher
You have been given command of an organisation, and have control over its Wealth and Influences.
Replies:  0     Views:   4812
2011-02-12 14:51:34
by Cipher
Critical (Improved) by Cipher
Your mastery of one type of weapon makes you deadly in combat. When wielding that weapon, you know exactly where to strike your opponents to cripple or slay them.
Replies:  0     Views:   4791
2011-02-12 14:48:05
by Cipher
Dodge by Cipher
You are adept at dodging blows.
Replies:  0     Views:   5208
2011-02-12 14:47:14
by Cipher
Endurance by Cipher
You are capable of amazing feats of stamina.
Replies:  0     Views:   4848
2011-02-12 14:46:12
by Cipher
Fame by Cipher
For whatever reason, you are particularly well known.
Replies:  0     Views:   4662
2011-02-12 14:45:08
by Cipher
Far Shot by Cipher
You can get greater distance than normal out of a ranged weapon.
Replies:  0     Views:   4775
2011-02-12 14:44:12
by Cipher
Fast Healer by Cipher
An iron constitution and remarkable stamina allow you to recover from injuries and illness at an amazing rate.
Replies:  0     Views:   4905
2011-02-12 14:43:26
by Cipher
Favoured by Cipher
You have gained the attention and favour of a powerful noble. His or her good will lends weight to your presence, and this noble’s influence can open the door to many opportunities.
Replies:  0     Views:   4744
2011-02-12 14:36:37
by Cipher
Finesse by Cipher
Your nimbleness and agility allow you to make lighting-quick strikes.
Replies:  0     Views:   4976
2011-02-12 14:34:49
by Cipher
Fortune’s Favour by Cipher
You have always been blessed with a strong lucky streak.
Replies:  0     Views:   4625
2011-02-12 13:52:49
by Cipher

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