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Bastardy by Cipher
You are born a bastard.
Replies:  0     Views:   6471
2014-02-11 08:28:03
by Cipher
Beyond Your Station by Cipher
Your training and development is incomplete.
Replies:  0     Views:   4664
2014-02-11 08:21:32
by Cipher
Blind Fury by Cipher
You are overcome by bloodlust and frenzy.
Replies:  0     Views:   4824
2014-02-11 08:15:08
by Cipher
Crippled (Maimed) by Cipher
You have suffered a permanent wound, or were born with a physical disadvantage that makes aspects of daily life more challenging.
Replies:  0     Views:   4718
2013-12-19 20:57:45
by Cipher
Dark Secret by Cipher
You have a dark secret. Exposure of this secret could cause harm to you in the form of social humiliation, loss of title, arrest, injury, or even death.
Replies:  0     Views:   4626
2013-12-19 20:53:08
by Cipher
Debauched by Cipher
You have given in so much to temptation that your body has been affected by the debauched lifestyle.
Replies:  0     Views:   4737
2013-12-19 20:49:27
by Cipher
Debt by Cipher
You owe a great debt to a house, guild, or other organization or individual.
Replies:  0     Views:   4372
2013-12-19 20:44:22
by Cipher
Dwarf by Cipher
You have been born with a physical deformity, causing you to be abnormally small even when fully grown.
Replies:  0     Views:   4535
2013-12-19 20:41:27
by Cipher
Fear by Cipher
You have an irrational fear of an event, object, or person that can limit your choice of actions.
Replies:  0     Views:   4520
2013-11-24 15:14:37
by Cipher
Ignoble by Cipher
You are known to be wicked, cruel, untrustworthy, or vile.
Replies:  0     Views:   4585
2013-11-13 22:05:43
by Cipher
Impaired Senses by Cipher
One or more of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) are either diminished or lost.
Replies:  0     Views:   4265
2013-11-13 22:03:08
by Cipher
Inept Attack by Cipher
You have no skill with weapons, either due to lack of training or ineptitude.
Replies:  0     Views:   4430
2013-11-13 21:59:49
by Cipher
In Service by Cipher
You are sworn to serve another.
Replies:  0     Views:   4315
2013-11-13 21:58:07
by Cipher
Madness by Cipher
A minor, serious, or severe impairment of the mind.
Replies:  0     Views:   4172
2013-11-12 21:34:55
by Cipher
Marked by Cipher
You are considered Marked if your body hosts a permanent and distinguishing feature that may be difficult to conceal.
Replies:  0     Views:   3961
2013-11-12 21:31:27
by Cipher
Nemesis by Cipher
You have an enemy who actively interferes in your life on a regular basis.
Replies:  0     Views:   4441
2013-11-12 21:28:35
by Cipher
Outcast by Cipher
You are an outcast from society. You may be a criminal, exile, wildling, outlaw, or slave — and you have no social standing.
Replies:  0     Views:   4312
2013-11-12 21:23:15
by Cipher
Poor by Cipher
You are impoverished and your Wealth Rank is lower than your Social Status suggests.
Replies:  0     Views:   4469
2012-06-28 08:51:54
by Cipher
Sickly by Cipher
You have contracted an unshakable illness or disease that is wasting away your body.
Replies:  0     Views:   9261
2011-07-09 13:09:39
by Cipher
Stigma by Cipher
You have suffered a loss of face and your reputation is lower than your social status suggests.
Replies:  0     Views:   4703
2011-07-09 13:06:45
by Cipher

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