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Independents - A Game of Thrones

There are many independent mercenaries and sell swords for hire throughout the land of Westeros. While not significant in the political landscape on their own, these groups can help tip the scales in the Game of Thrones for the right price.
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1 Bearded Priests of Norvos
2 Brotherhood Without Banners
3 Greenseers
4 Maesters of the Citadel
5 Mountain Clans of the Vale
6 Orphans of the Greenblood
7 Smallfolk / Commoners
8 The Alchemist's Guild
9 The Brave Companions (Bloody Mummers)
10 The Faith Militant
11 The Gallant Men
12 The Golden Company
13 The Guild of the Faceless Men
14 The Kingsguard
15 The Kingswood Brotherhood
16 The Night's Watch
17 The Queensguard
18 The Rainbow Guard
19 The Second Sons
20 The Sorrowful Men
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