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About Game of Thrones - Game Rules
Monday, 21 July 2008 13:37

There are eight core classes and eight prestige classes.

Core Classes

  • Artisan
    Craftsmen, performers, diplomats, heralds, and stewards are all Artisans. They each use their specialised skills to make their way in the world
  • Godsworn
    Priests and followers of the Faith, the Godsworn are the loyal servants of the Seven.
  • Hunter
    Men and women of the wilderness, Hunters learn to bring down their prey through stealth and lore.
  • Knave
    Some use stealth and guile; others rely on brute force and fear. All Knaves seek to take whatever they desire, whether bread for their suppers or gold for their pockets.
  • Maester
    These “knights of the mind” are masters of as many types of lore as are known in the world.
  • Man-at-Arms
    Men-at-arms may be loyal bannermen or sellswords from foreign lands, but at heart, all are soldiers and warriors who survive and thrive by their strength and prowess.
  • Noble
    Nobles are the children of high birth from the great and small houses of nobility. They have wealth, education, and infl uence — every conceivable advantage over the smallfolk beneath them — as well as their own share of responsibilities and enemies.
  • Raider
    Barbarians and wild folk from the fringes of settled lands, Raiders are unruly and loyal only to their own. They may call themselves lords, tribesmen, or simply “free.”

Prestige Classes

  • Bloodrider
    Horselords and bodyguards of the Dothraki khals, united by a bond stronger than words or honour. They are blood of his blood in name, thought, and deed.
  • Brother of the Kingsguard
    The seven Brothers of the Kingsguard are sworn to protect the king and the royal family from harm. They are the king’s sword and shield, ostensibly drawn from the land’s greatest Knights.
  • Commander
    Soldiers and martial lords aspire to lead great armies and rule the battlefield. The Commander is a specialised warrior, trained to master strategy and logistics.
  • Drowned Man
    Drowned Men are the clergymen of the Drowned God, the old God of the Ironborn. All Drowned Men are drowned and brought  back to life during their initiation into the priesthood.
  • Knight
    The embodiment of chivalry and valour, Knights are martial men, sworn in the Faith of the Seven. While rare in the North, they are what southron boys dream of becoming, and southron girls dream of marrying.
  • Night's Watch Ranger
    A brother of the Night’s Watch, the Rangers are the first line of defence. They traverse the wild lands north of the Wall, bringing battle to the wildlings and greater threats.
  • Night's Watch Steward
    A brother of the Night’s Watch, the Stewards are the caretakers, majordomos, tutors, and scholars of the Night’s Watch. They keep the Watch’s history, maintain the domestic arts, and in some cases, squire or apprentice to the high officers.
  • Red Priest of R'hllor
    Clergy of the R'hllor religion are called 'red priests,' due to the loose, crimson robes they wear. Very few are known to exist in Westeros.
  • Spy
    In Westeros, where sword and shield rule, Spies are seen as loathsome, cowardly, and weak. Of course, by dismissing them, Spies — whether ladies, lords, or eunuchs — become invisible, and their infl uence can raise and shatter great lords in the game of thrones.
  • Water Dancer
    The best of the Bravos — perhaps one in a hundred, perhaps less — learn the water dance, a style of fighting that relies on speed, finesse, and perception. They are artists as much as soldiers, and hone their craft as an art.
  • Shadowbinder of Asshai, Spellsinger of Valyria
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