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1. Tommen Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
1st Level (Noble 1) The youngest son of King Robert Baratheon, Tommen is actually another of Cersei and Jamie Lannister’s incestuous offspring. Seven years old, he is plump, with long white-blonde hair ...
2. Stannis Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
11th Level (Man-at-arms 2 / Noble 3 / Commander 4 / Knight 2) Stannis Baratheon is the Lord of Dragonstone and Master of Ships for his brother, King Robert Baratheon. Middle of the Baratheon brothers, ...
3. Renly Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
9th Level (Noble 6 / Knight 3) - Deceased Renly is the Lord of Storm’s End and the youngest brother of King Robert Baratheon. He serves as Master of Laws under Robert, but defects upon Joffrey’s ascension ...
4. Myrcella Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
1st Level (Noble 1) Myrcella is the eight-year-old daughter of Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime, though she is officially considered to be King Robert Baratheon’s offspring. She is a small ...
5. Joffrey Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
3rd Level (Noble 3) - Deceased Lord Renly stifled his laughter ... He bowed to Joffrey. “Perchance later you can tell me how a nine-year-old girl the size of a wet rat managed to disarm you with a broom ...
6. Melisandre of Asshai
(News/Latest News)
A look at Melisandre of Asshai as she appears in-game:
7. Balon Greyjoy
(World of Westeros/People)
... to Ironborn custom, he nonetheless viewed his daughter Asha as his successor. He led a rebellion against King Robert Baratheon, which was put down by House Baratheon and Lord Eddard Stark. Balon's elder ...
8. Maester Pylos
(World of Westeros/People)
Maester Pylos is the successor to Maester Cressen at Dragonstone. He aided Davos Seaworth in smuggling out Edric Storm, bastard of Robert Baratheon, from Storm's End in order to spare him from being burned ...
9. Maester Cressen
(World of Westeros/People)
Maester Cressen was Maester of Dragonstone and advisor to Stannis Baratheon. He attempted to kill the red priestess Melisandre of Asshai and commit suicide by poisoning his cup and hers. The poison did ...
10. Portrait of Shireen Baratheon
Portrait of Shireen Baratheon by Amoka:
11. Portrait of Stannis Baratheon
Portrait of Stannis Baratheon by Amoka:
12. Portrait of Renly Baratheon
Portrait of Renly Baratheon by Amoka:
13. Portrait of Tommen Baratheon
Portrait of Tommen Baratheon by Amoka:
14. Portrait of Joffrey Baratheon
Portrait of Joffrey Baratheon by Amoka:
15. Portrait of Myrcella Baratheon
Portrait of Myrcella Baratheon by Amoka:
16. Portrait of Robert Baratheon
Portrait of Robert Baratheon by Amoka:
17. Robert Baratheon
(World of Westeros/People)
... last of the Storm Kings. Thus, House Baratheon grew and rose to prominence. In recent times, Baratheon and Targaryen wed again, but Robert’s main claim to the throne was his hammer. Neither a near legendary ...
18. Storm's End
(World of Westeros/Strongholds)
Storm's End is the seat of House Baratheon and, before them, the ancestral seat of the Storm Kings extending back many thousands of years. According to legend, the first Storm King in the age of the First ...
19. House Baratheon
(Houses of Westeros/Great Houses)
... the other ambitious lords of House Baratheon in check and solidified the house’s place among kings. With Robert's death however, three kings of House Baratheon emerged to claim the Iron Throne: Joffrey, ...