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Renly Baratheon

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:23

9th Level (Noble 6 / Knight 3) - Deceased

Renly is the Lord of Storm’s End and the youngest brother of King Robert Baratheon. He serves as Master of Laws under Robert, but defects upon Joffrey’s ascension to the throne. Charming and handsome, and keenly aware of both of these qualities, he has a pleasing, genial temper and a mocking wit.

Renly is a vision of Robert at the prime of his youthful vigour and appearance. He has long, jet-black hair and a clean-shaven face, and his blue-green eyes sparkle with laughter. He is quite likeable and men flock easily to his banner, though he has neither the wisdom of his brother Stannis nor Robert’s force of will. Renly makes much of his appearance, and spends considerable amounts of gold to stay clad in the height of finery. His colours are forest green and gold, and his helm bears golden antlers.

Robert granted Renly dominion over the traditional Baratheon estate of Storm’s End and its incomes when he took the throne, slighting his brother Stannis. After Robert’s death, Renly marries Margaery Tyrell, sister of his close friend and confidante, Ser Loras Tyrell. He proclaims himself the new King, ignoring both Joffrey’s and Stannis’s claims.