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Stannis Baratheon

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 31 May 2010 21:25

11th Level (Man-at-arms 2 / Noble 3 / Commander 4 / Knight 2)

Stannis Baratheon is the Lord of Dragonstone and Master of Ships for his brother, King Robert Baratheon. Middle of the Baratheon brothers, Stannis lacks the charisma of his siblings. Stannis has been called stern, humourless, and unforgiving with a grim sense of duty. Robert is a free spirit, fond of wine, women, and song; Stannis conversely is prim, stiff, and disapproving. Only a year younger than Robert, they were rivals as boys, but Robert always won, giving rise to pent-up envy in Stannis.

Though he is more cunning and a better tactician than Renly or Robert, Stannis is the least liked of the three brothers; his dour and taciturn personality turns would-be followers away, especially given the constant comparisons to his siblings. His tenacity is outstanding, however, as proven when he withheld a year-long siege against Storm’s End, eating rats and boiled boot leather to survive while his enemies feasted within sight of his walls.

Tall, broad-shouldered, and lean, Stannis appears tough as iron, and dour as old leather. His eyes are blue and he is balding, with but a fringe of hair around the back of his head. He has a dark beard, though, that he wears cropped close to his chin.

Stannis is married to the Lady Selyse of House Florent, with whom he has a young daughter named Shireen. Stannis feels slighted by Robert’s gift of Dragonstone, especially since Renly was made master of the Baratheon’s’ hereditary estate of Storm’s End. When King Robert dies, Stannis begins hiring mercenaries and building ships, and, according to rumour, hires a shadowbinder from Asshai upon learning of Joffrey’s illegitimate birth in order to press his own claim to the throne.