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Monday, 21 July 2008 13:36

There are four playable races to choose from in A Game of Thrones, though the Human is by far the most common creature in Westeros. The other races are extraordinarily unusual or largely mythical creatures that generally do not fit into the fabric of Westerosi society.

  • Human
    Humans in Westeros are often larger than would be expected from a roughly medieval civilization. Many men are over six feet tall, with abnormally large men standing seven feet or taller. Some bloodlines of humans are known for having unusual physical traits. Targaryens often have platinum hair and violet eyes, while descendants of the Ghiscari often have both red and black hair. Natives of Westeros have predominantly European features, with regional variations. Natives of the Summer Islands and the continent of Sothoryos have predominantly African features. Natives of other areas have a variety of features from many real-world races.
  • Giant*
    Huge, shaggy humanoids of slightly below human intelligence, Giants are a dwindling species found only in the lands to the extreme north, beyond the Wall. They ride mammoths into battle, wielding crude clubs that are little more than logs. They speak the Old Tongue of the First Men.
  • Children of the Forest*
    The original inhabitants of Westeros, Children of the Forest are frequently mentioned but have not been seen in thousands of years. They are thought to be diminutive humanoid creatures; dark and beautiful, with mysterious powers over dreams and nature. They are said to have used obsidian weapons and weirbows in battle. Little of their legacy exists at present beyond their worship of nameless nature gods still practiced by some in the North, and the remaining Weirwoods.
  • Others*
    A mysterious and apparently malevolent race of creatures found beyond the Wall. They have only been seen at night and seem to bring unnatural cold with them. They appear as tall, gaunt humanoids with eyes of blue so deep it burns like fire. They wear armor that shifts in color with every step, and wield thin crystal swords that are so cold they can shatter iron. Others move silently, but their voices sound like cracking ice. Creatures they kill reanimate as wights, undead zombies with glowing blue eyes. The Others exhibit a weakness to weapons made of dragonglass, which will pierce their armor easily. In death, they seem to melt into a pool of extremely cold liquid.

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