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Though steeped in several millennia of history, Westeros continues to have an undeveloped feeling compared to the rich traditions of the east. There are few major cities in the Seven Kingdoms, and much of the land maintains a rough and provincial feel. The vast uncharted lands serve to emphasise the hidden horrors of the North, providing the schemers of King’s Landing with a degree of isolation from the rest of the world.

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1 Braavos, Free City
2 Gulltown
3 Hardhome
4 King's Landing
5 Lannisport
6 Lorath, Free City
7 Lordsport
8 Lys, Free City
9 Myr, Free City
10 Norvos, Free City
11 Oldtown
12 Pentos, Free City
13 Port of Ibben
14 Qohor, Free City
15 Tyrosh, Free City
16 White Harbour
17 Volantis, Free City