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Lordsport is a village on the far end of the island of Pyke, overlooked by the castle of House Botley. During the Greyjoy Rebellion, Lordsport and the Botley stronghold were razed by Robert Baratheon, and Pyke was besieged and conquered by his forces. Balon Greyjoy was left as Lord of Pyke, but his son Theon was taken as hostage, to be fostered by Eddard Stark. In the years since the rebellion, Lordsport has been rebuilt, save for the sept, and Lord Sawane Botley built a small stone keep to replace the old timber and wattle castle.

Following Balon's death, Sawane Botley was drowned by Euron Greyjoy for declaring Theon the rightful heir; the current lord of Lordsport is unknown. Aeron Greyjoy called a kingsmoot to select a new ruler of the Iron Islands, and Euron was chosen to be the new king. He intends to wed Daenerys Targaryen, claim the Iron Throne, and give the Seastone Chair to his brother Victarion.

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