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House Karstark

Houses of Westeros - Minor Houses
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The Sun of Winter

The Karstarks of Karhold are a cadet branch of House Stark and can trace their lineage back to Karlon Stark, a second born son of a Stark king of the north. As such, this has closely bound the Karstarks and Starks and they stand among their most steadfast and trusted vassals. Their sigil is a White sunburst on black field.


Karlon Stark achieved his status of Lord of Karl's Hold – later known simply as Karhold - after putting down a Bolton rebellion; The lands and titles were his reward for the victory.

During Robert's rebellion, they fought along side House Stark to see Robert crowned king of the seven kingdoms. They were also one of the first houses to raise their banner when Robb Stark called his bannermen to war. They fought in every major engagement in Robb Stark's war, which resulted in the death of Lord Rickard Karstark's two sons and which would ultiamtely lead to friction between the Starks and Karstarks that would end with the death of Rickard for committing treason. This left the Karstarks leaderless, as Rickard's son and heir Harrion was a prisoner of Lannister forces in Maidenpool

As the rift between the Karstarks and their leige lord grew, they decide to leave the gathered forces of the North and return home with an uncertain future ahead of them. In the absence of Harrion Karstark, the leadership of House Karstark passed to Rickard's brother, Arnolf.

House Personality

The Karstarks are typically loyal to their people and their lords; Their blood relation to the Stark family was the foundation for this loyalty. They are however, also a proud House, steeped in the acient traditions of the North and the first men. They are eager to see justice — as they see it — meted out to the wrong doers.


The Karstarks hold the stronghold of Karhold and its surrounding area on the eastern part of the Northern continent. Relative to Winterfell, it lays Northeast. Their lands are heavily forrested and overlook the Shivering Sea.

House Position

The Karstark's position is uncertain as Robb's rebellion rages. It remains to be seen what will come after the dust has settled. Whether or not the other Northern houses will accept their decision to quit the war also remains to be seen.

ALLIED HOUSES: Stark, Tully, The North, The Riverlands
ENEMY HOUSES: Lannisters, The Westerlands

House Destiny

The destiny of House Karstark lays in their ability to patch old wounds or forge new alliances with The North's enemies. With Harrion Karstark a Lannister prisoner, it is up to his uncle Arnolf to see the Karstark's through these uncertain times, and Arnolf it appears is not too eager to have his nephew &mdash and rightful lord — returned home.

Prominent Members

Rickard Karstark (deceased), Lord Harrion Karstark (prisoner), Torrhen Karstark (deceased), Eddard Karstark (deceased), Alys Karstark, Arnolf Karstark (current castellan of Karhold), his eldest son Cregan and his second born son Arthor.

House Traits


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