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Maester Luwin

World of Westeros - People
Monday, 28 July 2008 07:30

9th Level (Maester 9) - Deceased

The maester was a small grey man. His eyes were grey, and quick, and saw much. His hair was grey, what little the years had left him. His robe was grey wool, trimmed with white fur, the Stark colours. Its great floppy sleeves had pockets hidden inside. Luwin was always tucking things into those sleeves and producing other things from them: books, messages, strange artefacts, toys for the children.
A Game of Thrones

Maester Luwin is the maester of Winterfell, and a loyal servant of House Stark. He is skilled in medicines and lore, and has been the physician for the royal family for all of their lives, as well as tutor to the Stark children and counsel to the Lord and Lady Stark. In his role as maester, he is also the chamberlain of Winterfell and the keeper of the ravens. He is compassionate with his youthful charges, and wears a maester’s collar forged of many links of various metals, to symbolise his role as a many-skilled servant. Luwin was one of the few maesters to study the higher mysteries, or “magic,” at the Citadel, earning a link of Valyrian steel. He learned its theories and history, although he believes it has long fled the world.

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