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Benjen Stark

World of Westeros - People
Saturday, 10 April 2010 22:15

13th Level (Hunter 1 / Man-at-arms 2 / Noble 3 / Night’s Watch Ranger 7)

First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, Ben is Lord Eddard Stark’s younger brother and uncle to the Stark children. When Eddard inherited the family name and estate as the eldest surviving Stark, rather than remain at his family’s estate and live in his brother’s shadow, Ben went where he would do the most good — the Wall.

Ben took the black and became a member of the Night’s Watch to help defend Winterfell and the north from the threats beyond the Wall. Skilled and respected by the men of the Night’s Watch, Ben has become First Ranger. He is tall and friendly, and gaunt with the Stark features showing the blood of the First Men. Despite the weight of his duty, Ben often has a hint of laughter behind his blue-grey eyes, and is an affable, friendly leader, earning respect through duty and service. He disappears while ranging northwards beyond the Wall. Though some of his men are found dead near the godsgrove next to the Wall, no word of Ben’s current whereabouts has made its way back to Castle Black.

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