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The Role-Player's Guide - Role-Playing Out of Game

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:10
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Role-playing Outside of the Game

Some gaming groups encourage role-playing outside of the game setting. Normally, this takes place in the form of players posting “in-character” journals or messages in a pre-arranged location. There are three commonly used locations for these sorts of things:

  • Neverwinter Connections Role-play Forum – Players or DMs can easily start a thread here for in-character posts. Some NWC DMs also have their own Campaign Forums located at the NWC Forums.
  • Bioware Guilds – Many groups create “guilds” on this site, which gives you the ability to essentially have your own bulletin board
  • Neverwinter Connections Game Page – Each scheduled game in Neverwinter Connections has an associated message board on the right-hand side of the screen. Many gamers use this message board to post in-character comments

See the section on Additional Resources for links.

Many people enjoy role-playing outside of the game for the following reasons:

  • Gives players a chance to “spend more time” with their character when the actual games may be days or weeks apart
  • Gives players who do not type quickly a good opportunity to role-play things that they can’t in game due to their poor typing skills.
  • Gives the group a chance to settle issues and decide on actions in-character, but without spending in-game time doing so
  • Before the first session of a game or campaign, gives a chance for the players to assemble and converse before the session starts
  • Allows players a chance to develop an in-character reason if they have to miss a session Role-playing outside of the game is not for everyone. Talk to the host, DMs, or other players in your game to get their take on it. Many times, if one or more party members are not interested, then this doesn’t make sense because there cannot be full participation.

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