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Robert Arryn

World of Westeros - People
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 17:36

1st Level (Noble 1)

Lord of the Eyrie, and Defender of the Vale. The only son of Lord Jon Arryn, he is six years of age and a sickly child. His mother’s manias have affected him, leaving him babyish and whiny. Lady Lysa keeps him by her constantly, alternately spoiling him and manipulating him. Robert is pale and thin, small for his age, and often taken with the shaking illness. He has his mother’s large blue eyes and his father’s brown hair. Lord Jon was to have him fostered at Dragonstone, apparently believing he needed time away from his mother, but Lysa refused to carry through with the arrangement after Jon’s death.

Robert’s namesake is King Robert Baratheon, who is sworn to protect him. Upon the death of his father, Robert Arryn became Lord of the Eyrie and inherited all of his father’s titles, save one: Warden of the East, a claim the Arryns have held for 300 years. Unwilling to give it to a child, King Robert gave the title to his brother-in-law Ser Jaime Lannister, shaming the Arryns. Members of Robert Arryn’s household have been ordered to call him the True Warden of the East, though they say it without conviction.

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